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We are a global creative community offering award-winning choreography, content, events and dance training on a mission to inspire humanity through love, community, connection and movement. 


Company Jinks was founded in 2018 by British choreographerRicky Jinks. Our work aims to inspire humanity by transgressing the divide between the experimental and the commercial. Drawing upon influences spanning from musical theatre to psychodynamic therapy our work explores the healing and transformative powers of movement on individual and collective experiences. Our home is England but we have core members all over the globe including Australia, Denmark, Canada, Italy and the USA. In creating a community of creative artists, award-winning choreographer Ricky strives to provide inclusive, safe spaces for dancers to authentically express, connect to themselves and discover their power as artists and story-tellers. As well as company work, projects and performances, we provide regular training programs, workshops, classes and events. We regularly collaborate with other creatives such as musicians, singers, poets and film directors. Rooted in community, love and connection we invest in celebrating individuality and inclusivity. Looking to collaborate, hire or join us? Contact us now!


Company Jinks training programs are designed for dancers looking to expand their skills, explore their artistic expressions and join a community of like-minded artists. The programs focus on choreography, mindfulness, technique, versatility and creativity. Dancers sign onto this course for many reasons including graduates wanting to link to the industry, professionals with years of experience wanting to polish their skills and dancers who train for fun and the community connection. Once you have completed a term, you join the community in which we have private events exclusive to Company Jinks. The program is advanced level and entry requires an online application. There are currently 4 programs running in London and Manchester. To be updated when spaces open subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.

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Callum Sterling


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I have wanted to train with Company Jinks for several years and it was completely worth the wait. What I like the most is the intricacies of Ricky's choreography alongside his real, grounded and approachable personality that he offers all of the artists involved. This training program asks that the artists bring their vulnerability, determination, intelligence and authenticity. It is a playground for diversity and versatility which I love as a 31-year-old queer mixed race movement artist.  I am training alongside a mix of talented body shapes, genders, identities, classes and races and I am nothing but grateful. 


Pfion Vince

The Company Jinks Program curates a safe, inclusive and positive training environment for both dance students and professionals. Not only is Ricky an exceptionally talented and technical practitioner, he delivers outstanding training to his pupils whilst encouraging them to explore their own artistry and identity. 


Oliver Lea


Everything from the atmosphere within class to the actual training has to be up there with the best. Ranging from technique, to hip hop foundations, endless counts that really test your brain, yoga, meditation and the constant projection of self love. Ricky is one of my biggest inspirations within the dance community, is someone who cares for the family and community he creates and will go to extremes to make sure every member is individually heard and loved. His art allows you to put your soul back into dance and make you remember why you began your dream in the first place!

Serena Mccall


Every week I look forward to my Company Jinks Training Sessions! It’s such a safe environment for us to learn how to improve ourselves, not only in dancing but as human beings in general. I love being surrounded by such beautiful people who share the same passions as myself, we all grow together as one creating such special bonds whilst doing the thing we love the most.

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    Sat, 29 Jan
    The Hub Studios
    29 Jan, 11:00 – 19:00
    The Hub Studios, 2 Hague St, London E2 6HN, UK
    An 8-hour intensive day for experienced dancers to connect with each other, their training and their hearts through movement with Company Jinks.
    Sat, 26 Feb
    The Hub Studios
    26 Feb, 11:00 – 19:00
    The Hub Studios, 2 Hague St, London E2 6HN, UK
    An 8-hour intensive day for experienced dancers to connect with each other, their training and their hearts through movement with Company Jinks.


Summer Session / London / 2021:

Winter Session / Manchester / 2021: